How to Make Money Blogging A Simple

How to Make Money Blogging A Simple

Making money via blogging is real. Whether you’ve just started a blog or have been running one for a while, implementing tried and tested tips can greatly help you increase your blogging income. And that’s what you came here for. But before that, here’s my story. I started blogging in 2012 (when “Blogspot” was a thing). Over the years, I’ve started and run multiple blogs. While a few have been successful, a lot of them failed. However, blogging has changed my life completely. It has helped me generate side income, get freelance writing opportunities like this one from Ahrefs, job offers, and more. How to Make And I’m super excited to share everything with you in this guide, which I’ve divided into two parts.

Let’s dive into the first

Four steps to start driving traffic that you can monetize Many people who start blogging believe they need huge amounts of traffic to earn a decent executive data income. However, that’s not true. High traffic doesn’t necessarily translate to higher income. No matter what niche you’re in, focusing on driving traffic that you can monetize is critical. You can do this in four steps. Step 1. Choose a profitable niche Choosing a profitable niche is one of the most important, yet underrated blogging tips. Today, people blog about everything, including knitting. But not all niches are profitable. For example, niches like making money online, finance, and health are more profitable than gardening and outdoor sports.

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The most profitable niches are often the most competitive, and choosing them may lower the chances of your success. Hence, the first step before starting a blog is to Phone Number My check if the niche is profitable and how competitive it is. Look for affiliate programs One quick way to determine if a niche is profitable is by checking the number of affiliate programs in it. You can do this via a quick search on Google. Try searching for niche + affiliate programs, e.g., “knitting affiliate programs.” More than the profitability and competition of the niche, your passion for the niche plays a huge role in the success of your blog.

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