All you have to keep in mind are the key

All you have to keep in mind are the key

All you have to It may be difficult for people to hear. And if it’s too loud. you risk distorting it. Fortunately. there is a solid sweet spot for getting the volume just right. which we’ll talk more about in a moment. 2. Pacing Ever talk with someone who has a really exciting story to tell. but they’re so excit about it that they rush through it and when they’re done you can’t even remember

What they were talking about? Or. someone

Who drones on All you have to  and on with no end in sight. while you struggle to keep your eyes open? This is call pacing. and it’s really  europe email list  important to get right. Too fast and your audience won’t know what hit them. To slow and they’re likely to get bor. The best voice overs have a natural and deliberate pace. which is why you should always write a script (and practice it!) before you start recording as this will help you speak naturally.

You should also remember that pacing

All you have to Includes things like pausing now and then to take a breath. either for effect or to give the listener a break to process important information. 3. Vocal tone and inflection Like pacing. vocal tone and inflection refer to ensuring you speak naturally and pleasantly. You want to sound friendly and engaging. but not so much that you sound fake. No one wants to sound like a game show host (or like Troy McClure). But. you  alson  Phone Number My want to avoid a monotone robot voice which. like pacing that’s too slow. can be boring and off-putting. 4.

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