Before the event set for May types of chocolate were order

Before the event set for May types of chocolate were order

And then it was possible to participate in the online tasting with the expert. Dreaming, winning, slowing down, imitating, participating and listening: six actions through which the Engadine, a Swiss resort that is always very active, also wants to reconnect with tourists and aspiring travellers. Among these proposals of #Engadinbidiar, a section born in the lockdown period on the website, the one that struck us most is “the Engadine to be won”.

From Sixth April thanks to the PostCard Creator application

Those who want to participate in the initiative can send a,      Netherlands Mobile Number List          postcard to the person they would like to spend their holiday with, revealing the reasons for their choice. When the recipient receives it, they will have to take a photo and publish it on the Instagram or Facebook channel with the hashtag #engabindiar.

The best shot will allow you to win a weekend in the Engadine

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Hotels, on the other hand, after the blockade and force,    Phone Number My      closure of their facilities, have followed the global trend of gift vouchers: the so-called Gutschein. There was no certain date and therefore vouchers, bought in the form of gifts for family or friends, were a valid alternative. At that moment, the desire for a holiday could fuel with the dream in one’s pocket of a stay at the end of the emergency.

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