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From strategy to action

The implementation of the strategy is one of the critical points in the marketing of any company. It is something that I live day by day in my digital marketing mentorships and that we work on with greater care. In this time reflecting on implementation problems in marketing I have gone through several phases. From the one where the market trend pushes us, to the current one. That is, from focusing on the most tactical and technical issues of implementation, to realizing that the biggest problem is of substance and not of form. In recent months I have written a lot about the subject, but recently I had the opportunity to talk about it at a conference organized by Difraxion (a friendly Mexican agency). These are the basic articles, along with many other things I added exclusively for the conference:

Companies see a marketing strategy as necessary, but they do not know what it is or what it is for.

It is curious to see how the majority of company managers consider that strategy is essential for achieving the company’s objectives, but few dedicate the time and people necessary to top industry data define and implement it. We assume that few know what a marketing strategy is . We do not have the budget to reach our entire audience. WE NEED a plan This is another overwhelming fact. To begin with, companies have a limited marketing budget. Which makes it impossible, already difficult, to impact and convince your entire audience .

Managing expectations and deadlines needed to make marketing work

Companies think that the results will arrive with greater speed and less effort than real. But with a difference between his approach and reality, which draws attention. It is essential that we are clear about the phases we are going to go Phone Number My through to adapt our efforts to reality. What is the best digital marketing strategy for an SME ? This is one of the million dollar questions. And of course it has a different answer depending on the case . But it is true that there is a base strategic structure that we can apply. In the conference I give several examples on how to apply this to an SME with a limited budget. Work from the inside out and from less to more Another of the “truths of marketing”. Without posing too conservative scenarios, we must follow this rule if we want to have a correct implementation.

The moment of truth in digital marketing

I’ve already lost count of the number of articles Tom Fishburne has inspired me to write on this blog. It is clear that part of his job is to represent the situations that marketing professionals encounter in our daily lives (at the end of the article I leave you his comic strip). One of them is the supposed “Zero Moment of Truth” so talked about and treated in many forums. What is Zero Moment of Truth and how to apply it in marketing? It is a concept that has its origin in 2005 with the help of AG Lafley (Procter & Gamble), when he talked about the key moments when buying the product in the store, when he uses it and the third when he talks about his experience of use with the the rest.

How have moments of truth evolved in digital marketing?

The starting point of the ZMOT concept is to make the search for pre-purchase information as easy as possible, to lead the greatest number . Of people to the purchase. To do this, based on our buyer persona , we must define the most probable paths of this prior investigation ( customer journey ) and offer the necessary information or help in each category email list of the steps to. we have a good product and do a good job, it is . Relatively easy to define these paths with the . Fewest inconveniences or problems for our future customers.

But what happens when I need to sell and I don't have the minimum foundations for this to happen?

We ask for positive reviews: we try to force having a good rating by asking for these . Yeviews at different times or. From different groups of people (in a restaurant when paying, on the thank you page after the purchase, if we are a small company from our .  Qquaintances, reviews from change of some incentive, etc.). Web testimonials: in the same way we put testimonials on the web that Phone Number My are almost true, but are written in a way that makes them seem like something else. We force the publication of positive articles.  On websites and blogs related to our product. We increase the number of followers on social networks . We try to force word-of-. Mouth by sending messages that propose sharing our recent purchase, rating the product, or doing a survey. That is, we generate positive “noise” hoping that it will benefit us.

After COVID-19 digitalization is no longer an option

Confinement has led to an acceleration in the digital transformation processes in many aspects of our personal and professional lives. From one day to the next everything we did in person was put on pause. Let’s say that covid-19 put us between a rock and a hard place: “Either you do it online or you can’t do it.” And of course this has meant a revolution at many levels of our lives and the way companies act . Many companies and sectors have missed the train of digitalization For a moment try to imagine the following scene. We are in a train station. We see cautious passengers who arrive a little early and are already seated in their seats. They have even set up their computer and are working.

What has happened to companies after confinement?

We are seeing everything. From companies that have found an opportunity and are taking advantage of it, others that have been more or less successful, and a large number that are still quite lost. When you have no other alternative than to develop your activity on the Internet, challenges arise for everyone. Some pass them with flying colors and others adapt to industry email list digital in a rough way. And of course, the results are not what was expected. What can we do to digitize our company after confinement? The good news is that we can catch the next train. But we must be aware that, due to the economic crisis, this may be the last.

What about companies that were not digitalized before COVID-19?

Not without problems, but the companies that were prepared have Phone Number My continued their activity during the confinement (travel), those that were in the process of transformation have done what they could, and those that were outside the train have been paralyzed without knowing what to do. . It is clear that we are facing one of the greatest challenges in many ways, but the situation changes a lot depending on where you are in the train station analogy. What has happened to companies after confinement? We are seeing everything.

Take the Lead in the Product Industry

Anyway, there is something I know about Take the them that. Has really amazed me and that has made me think that they should. Lead this ranking in Blogger3cero: the SEO training that they themselves receive / outsource . I know a lot of people in SEO and I found out about it the other day by chance. Alberto Fernández from SEO Engineer is a good friend of mine (and a long-time office neighbor). He is one of the people who knows the most about link building of all those. I know (and I know many in SEO). In fact, he is a teacher at. SEO Warriors in an advanced link building course . Well, he recently told me that he was going to give private classes on link building to the people at Unancor.

SEO and I found out about Take the it the other day by chance

Which amazed me, since I think that’s how things should be category email list done. If you have an SEO startup and want to take over the market, you must be up to date and pay for training. Personal reflection about link building in 2022 Links are important. They are one of the most important factors in terms of ranking, within the SEO world, but from here I want to say that they are by no means the only factor. I wouldn’t even say that it is the “most important” factor in many cases. The importance that Google gives to links is weighted according to the niche and the keyword.

Want to say that they are by no means the only factor

That is, there are sectors where link Phone Number MY building is more relevant ( cheap flights for example) than in others and that is something that we have to take into account. I am not going to fall into the classic trap of saying “you can position well without links, do not use them as they are not essential”, that is, I am NOT going to say that… But I can tell you that based on my experience and also the experiences of third parties, as students (think that my job is to be a trainer and I have seen thousands of third-party websites), I have seen niche websites position themselves and bill thousands of euros with very few links. or almost none .

Product Industry Pros at Your Fingertips

But if they are there for so long it is for Product Industry a reason, I assure you. Prensarank: Mass newspapers pressrank interface Link purchasing interface in Prensarank If there is something to recognize about Prensarank, it is that it is a platform with dynamic activity : constant offers and emails in which they announce these offers, as well as the incorporation of new media. Like other platforms, it has a group purchasing system in newspapers or blogs , that is, you join other users to buy links in a certain medium, so it is cheaper. The latter personally does not seem like a recommended practice in SEO to me. I don’t see links as something “by weight” to buy and it can be dangerous if you link to media on unrelated topics from the same article, but it was certainly a masterstroke by Prensarank from a business perspective at the time.

Like other platforms Product Industry it has a group purchasing system

They offer content industry email list around 600 words, which can be increased to 1000 words for an extra €5 that you pay when purchasing the link, but you have the possibility of sending your own content if you want. I like that there are cheap newspapers and that their CEO, my colleague Márquez, is almost as addicted to cars as I am I talk less about it because I used it for quite some time, but I don’t know how it has evolved in these last stages. What the hell is the best link building platform? It is the question that people ask the most when they start in SEO and want to choose one or the other. Of course, the concept “better” is extremely relative.

SEO and want to choose one or the other

One may be Phone Number MY better if you adapt better to its interface, for example: for me CONEXOO has better usability than what Publisuites had before, but nevertheless Publisuites has many more resources than CONEXOO in terms of quantity. What is better? Well, for some users one thing will be more important than another. However, if I have to choose the best one I would say that today the one I personally use the most is Unancor and if I had to recommend one it would be this one. I think it is complete and powerful in what it helps you achieve: better links for your websites.

Boost Sales with Our Product Industry Email List

If you also use Link Booster to bring Boost Sales them more traffic, you can accentuate the difference in the power capacity transmitted by that link. Finally, in the new version of the platform they have included two very interesting panels: one in which you can track the functioning of the links that you have purchased , and another in which you will see your external links reflected (even those that you have not obtained with Unancor), as well as the total investment you have made in the platform . This way, you can manage everything related to your link building from the platform where you are buying links. Publisuites: being the first counts publisuites interface Link buying interface in Publisuites.

Have much knowledge Boost Sales of link building

Publisuites has been the great pioneer in terms of buying and selling top industry data links (they have been in this line for more than 8 years) and without a doubt they have been a reference, or at least a starting point, for other platforms that have appeared later. Although I also tell you, for me Publisuites without Mario Armenta is like going to a Starbucks and there being no coffee… but that doesn’t mean they don’t have good things, even without its founder behind it (shout out to Márquez who set it up initially with him) . One of the characteristics that differentiates them is that they have media in practically any country and language , which may interest you if you have websites in languages ​​other than Spanish.

Publisuites without Mario Armenta is like going to a Starbucks and there being no coffee

That is to say, my feeling in this regard Phone Number MY is that Publisuites has always been “about quantity” , which in the end, even if it is by pure brute force, ends up guaranteeing “quality”. It’s a matter of numbers. Publisuites has a free training section in the form of podcast, YouTube videos and posts that can be very useful if you don’t have much knowledge of link building, they have made a strong commitment to inbound marketing If I had to say something that I don’t like about Publisuites, it is its interface and filters, which although it is true that it has improved in the last update, before it seemed chaotic and poorly focused from a design and usability point of view.

Emotional arguments versus rational arguments – how to use them to sell

Emotional argument sIn the office we always have the same conversation “look how well. Therefore, we are doing, we have achieved…” My question in this context is always the same. “Okay, very good, but what exactly has he given us?” I am a rational person so emotional so these are not rational purchasing  . Therefore,arguments in my case rarely convince me.

To get attention, use emotional arguments

To get attention, use emotional arguments We, on average, have an increasingly top industry data reduced average attention span. Don’t expect someone to give. Therefore, you their time if you give them a sales pitch telling them all the advantages your product . Therefore,brings you. You need an emotional hook because we allow ourselves to be seduced by what makes us feel good. Therefore,

At the moment, almost only videos are how to use them to sell

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit Phone Number MY tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.At the moment, almost. Therefore, only videos are being used to achieve those first positive. Therefore, impacts with our future clients. Etoy offers lifestyle products such as Lopifit decisions.Sales costs outside Spain are much higher than in Spain. 

The art of captivating or how to convince by applying common sense

The art of captivating  The Art of Captivating by Guy Kawasaki is a book very much in the style of its author. Do you know his Twitter. Therefore, account or his Alltop website where he publishes. Therefore, viral content several times a day? They go along the same line. It makes it easy for you. It is a pleasant and easy to digest text.

Some recommendations to gain confidence The art of captivating

The art of captivating  Some recommendations to gain confidence Those category email list who have been selling online or offline for some time know. Therefore, that trust is the key to absolutely everything. Without summarizing the entire book, I will highlight two points with which I can identify in particular.It amuses me that the German word Mensch , which means nothing. Therefore, other than person, has become a kind of philosophy of life. It is about assuming responsibility for one’s own life. 

How to plan the launch convince by applying common sense

How to plan the launch Launching is a part of the business Phone Number MY that I like to pay . Therefore,special attention to. I even like to follow a step-by-step process following a predetermined script. Guy Kawasaki’s recommendations are somewhat along the same lines, although he complements it with some good advice.

E-commerce Marketplaces – what are they and how to take advantage of them

What is an E-commerce Marketplace Have you heard about the new trend in the world of e-commerce? Marketplaces are not only an opportunity for sector giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Amazon Marketing and Advertising Lessons There is little content in Spanish on the topic of E-commerce Marketplaces. It is a global trend that is also reaching Spain. At Quondos we are .

What is an E-commerce Marketplace

What is an E-commerce Marketplace? The pioneers of marketplaces in the e-commerce industry email list sector have been Ebay followed by Amazon. One of the largest today is Alibaba and its subsidiary Aliexpress. I have not researched the topic in depth so there may have been other pioneers before them. The companies mentioned are those that have succeeded with this model.

How to take advantage of marketplaces to launch your business how to take advantage of them

How to take advantage of marketplaces to Phone Number MY launch your business It is clear that it is surreal to think that we are going to be able to compete with Amazon or Alibaba. To begin with, it is not a game of equals. Although we are the most brilliant mind in the world, they beat us in resources and people (who are also usually not too stupid).

Xtensio: Online Templates for Lean Startup

Okay, you can start walking, but get up slowly and don’t make any efforts, okay? There are still a few days left and, remember, before running you must walk… Isn’t it a truth like a house? Before running, walk . Of course, the problem comes when you were used to running and suddenly you stop. On your return, you want to continue running but if you don’t walk first to warm up… pull and stop again. It’s the midlife crisis athlete syndrome . Ha ha ha.

Lean Startup and document templates

There I was going to define what the Lean Startup model is, its benefits, its methodology and all that . In fact, I have a super cool book (that I bought, not that I wrote) about it that I’m sure you’ll know about. Is blue. Hehehehe. But, for the definition and if you want to know top industry data more about it, what better way to recommend than to recommend the post by the great Alfonso Prim titled The Lean Startup Methodology . There you have information of supreme quality.

Xtensio: editable templates for Lean Startups, Consultants and Agencies

Now tell me ( yes, I can hear you, that I bought the “Power Listener pro” that was advertised on I don’t know what channel Phone Number MY at I don’t know what time and that allows you to listen to anyone simply by saying their name… plus they gave me two for the fantastic price of one ). Come on, tell me: have you ever wanted to make any of those models? Surely yes and, furthermore, you will have started looking for PDF templates to make it easy. But you wanted to do it digitally so you looked for document templates.

How to record comments as goals in Analytics

Tatatachán tachan!!! I’m back! Yep yep yep. There was me, mind you, something mosqui telling me that I was dropping a little in level and that it had been a while since I had come up with some interesting trick up my sleeve and “to this” a client came and told me “ Víctor, I need to know more about the comments.” on my blog, how cool it would be to be able to cross-check that data in Google Analytics .” That’s nothing, right? The man is whimsical ([piopialo]wink, so you can see that I say it with affection, although it would be better to say “with ca-wink”[/piopialo], right?).

Comments as “goals” of Google Analytics

Surely you know me and, therefore, you know how important comments on a blog are to category email list me. For me they are the soul, what really shows that there is a community around a blog, what really shows the quality of a post, what really makes the blog a way to connect people . I love receiving comments, they have great emotional value . But they also have many less emotional advantages. Comments are a true reward for the blogger, in every sense in which you analyze it.

How to record each new comment as an event in Analytics

This point is really easy. In fact, I read a lot of solutions but none of them convinced me since some of them even Phone Number MY involved some security problems or were not supported . So I decided to modify Vcgs Toolbox and put that option. Maybe I made a mistake, maybe I failed, you know that sometimes these things happen. But, in my case, I have tried it and it works perfectly . And, as you will see, it is as simple as going to the plugin settings, “Comments” tab and activating the last option. The box takes care of the rest .

Locate the unique link selector

Although it can be specified in many ways, in my experience the ideal way to tell Tag Manager which element should be clicked to launch the event is ( breathe ) using CSS selectors . So that you understand me, the CSS selector is a text that determines the element or elements of the same type . It’s like saying “these specific links” or “this specific link.” Do you catch? locate the css selector You’ll need it, sorry: In Chrome, right-click on the link and click “Inspect.” If the element has an ID you are in luck, write down that ID .

3. Configure the trigger in Tag Manager

Let’s say that the previous two steps would be equivalent to preparing the matter. We needed them, but the industry email list crux (and the easy part, by the way) is in this and the next point. Tag Manager works by triggering tags when triggers occur . Therefore, we have to define the trigger (when we want the tag to be activated) and the tag (what we want it to do when the trigger occurs). Do you get the relationship? Action Reaction. Event, consequence. configure Tag Manager activator Well, follow the steps : Go to Activators and click on add a new one.

4. Configure Analytics Event Tag in Tag Manager

The truth is that yes, that “etiquette” thing is a bit confusing, right? Every time Phone Number MY we buy  gayumbraguis, the first thing we do is remove the label. Especially if they are from Primark, each label looks like “Don Quixote” double spaced. And here putting labels. What things… Anyway. So that you understand, the etiquette in Tag Manager is “do something”. Or “put something.” Or “provoke something” . Do you follow me? In our case, the tag is “send an event to Google Analytics”. You get it, right?