Daniela Bonomini of CiEffe an accredit body in Trentino Alto Adige for continuous training

provided an overview of the actions and strategies to be implement for an effective reopening of hotels and hotel facilities. Now more than ever, training is a crucial point that can make the difference and provides the right tools for an effective restart. The pandemic we have experienced has significantly decreased attendance, has imposed severe restrictions that have changed our way of life, has changed.

The tourist’s conception of vacation who now puts the safety and quality of the trip first

The foreign market is an unknown factor still to be solve,      Malaysia Phone Number List     which will reduce a considerable slice of the market and this is why we need to be ready, increasing a greater focus on the national market. Since the beginning of the emergency, Real Web has monitored over 40 tourist destinations and accommodation facilities in Italy, Germany and Austria in order to provide partners with strategic information and give a reasoned overview of the products and services for Summer 2020.

If you missed the conference, or want to see it again

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we’ll present it again below.Covid-19 does not stop,          Phone Number My       DACH destinations: the start of summer and winter offers Summer Offers Cable Car Covid-19 does not stop DACH destinations: the start of summer and winter offers realweb Articles, covid-19 tourism marketing, digital marketing, strategic monitoring, summer offers, tourism No comment Real-time actions and strategic capability. These are the two elements that made the difference in mid-April, when the pandemic also began to spread in Germany and Austria.

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