Eleven chain of stores are determine

Eleven chain of stores are determine

The study Video marketing in. Polish companies” was conducte by. Offon Agency in February and March 2016. It include an online survey in which 400 companies from all over Poland took part. What characterizes them? Taking into account their size. ZThe report includes responses from 150 micro, 93 small, 82 meium and 75 large enterprises. Most of the companies participating in. The study combine activities in the (B2B) and (B2C) models, slightly fewer respondents operate exclusively on the basis of B2B, and the least of them only B2C. Almost half of the surveye companies offer only services. More than 1/3 offer both services and products. And the smallest group sells only products.

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Conclusions The surveye companies focus on promotion on the Internet. Especially on promotion via video – this is the future of marketing. Such a whatsapp mobile number list general conclusion can be drawn from the respondents’ answers, as illustrate by a few statistics from the report: 58.88% of respondents believe that video is the form of communication best suite to the nees of their customers. As many as 90% of respondents plan to continue their video marketing activities on the Internet over the next two years. Over 53% of those respondents who have not use video marketing want to try this form of promotion within the next two years.

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Thanks to the campaign of the confectionery giant Mars, in Australia! about it, if not for the fact that the price of Snickers drops along with the increase Phone Number MY of bad mood prevailing on the Internet. Everything is monitore and a special algorithm calculates the level of dissatisfaction of Internet users by analyzing their entries. On this basis, the prices of bars in the 7-. Everything happens in real time, and this campaign is not only a sensational use of internet monitoring, but also a combination of online and offline worlds.

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