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Creating a link in bio page in hootsuite. Updating basic profile and page information ready to. Build your own custom link in the bio page. Sign up for a free 30-day team plan trial now. And start converting your instagram followers into online customers. Watch this video to learn more about hootbio: how to make an instagram link tree with linktr.ee create an account go to linktr.ee/register. And fill in your information. Then. Check your inbox and follow the instructions in the verification email. Add links once you verify your account. You will be able to access your dashboard. Click the purple add new link button on the home screen to add your.

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First link add new link you will then be able to add a title. A url and a thumbnail to your link. You can upload your own image or choose one from linktree’s icon library: upload image or choose from linktree icon library and that’s it! Repeat the process until you’ve add all of your links. 

Organize your links click on business database the purple lightning icon to add special links or headers. Headers will help you organize your links by theme or purpose. Organize links at any point. You can move your links and headers around by clicking on the three vertical dots icon and dragging the element to its new placement.

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Customize the appearance of your link tree with all the links in place. It’s time to make your link tree truly yours. Start by heading to the appearance tab in the top menu. Customize the appearance of link tree here. You can add an image and short description to your link tree page. You can also change your link tree’s theme. 

Several free options are available. Pro users Phone Number My can create their own custom themes. You’re all set. Now that you have your custom link tree ready to go. It’s time to add it to your instagram bio. Simply copy the url from the top right corner of the dashboard: examples of instagram link trees if you’re having trouble settling on a design for your link tree.

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