From our monitoring it has visibly emerg that creativity has been the tool

From our monitoring it has visibly emerg that creativity has been the tool

par excellence throughout the quarantine period. Austrian resorts and hotels that have succe and differentiat themselves from others only succe because they had brilliant ideas. Through email marketing they communicat closeness and manag to shorten the distances with tourists. Making sure that people could travel comfortably seat on the sofa at home.

Filling the void of endless days with the production of handcraft objects relat to their territories

This and much more has been done and the goal was always,      Turkey Phone Number List       the same: to create a breach in the wall of the house to see beyond, to see outside, or rather the world that we all know but that at that moment we could only dream of. Quarantine time, training time However, the Covid-19 emergency period was also important in terms of training. For example, hoteliers, who found themselves overnight with no more tourists to manage.

Had the opportunity to improve themselves through digital training

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That was perfect and provid the right material for a restart. Digital,      Phone Number My       marketing via social channels has certainly become the essential tool for feeling in contact with people, showing closeness. Posting a photo of the landscapes or representative places of the past vacation or the dream of a future vacation was the way to reach out and say “we are here”. However, these actions should not be improvis, having the support of a marketing agency made up of an expert communication team is the most effective method to be successful, to be able to get closer and shorten distances with the right digital tools.

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