Google has introduced an important novelty

Google has introduced an important novelty

The “Pay per Stay”, for users of the Travel Ads system: the commissions for advertisements relating to the offers of the structures will be paid only after the stay has taken place. Reaching out and trying to ease all the problems and restrictions that the pandemic has brought with it is the challenge of every agency, location or facility and ours too.

This above all because the right offer at the right time can make the difference.

The Real Web expert team has been at the service of its,      Germany Phone Number List        customers for years: contact us to find out about our offers or sign up if you want to stay updated thanks to our strategic monitoring.The new face of summer campaigns Romagna Summer Campaigns The new face of summer campaigns realweb Articles, covid-19 tourism marketing, digital marketing, restart, tourism No comment The campaigns for the 2020 summer restart are totally different from what we have to up to now.

Yes we start again but from the territory

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from local traditions, focusing on mainly proximity,    Phone Number My        tourism. This is what emerged from the constant monitoring that Real Web has been carrying out for more than two months now. Emilia-Romagna tourism, for example, this year restarts from television, web and radio for an investment of over two million euros. After the lockdown, the aim will be to tell the story of the territory through exceptional testimonials.

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