His monthly income and properties that he owns

His monthly income and properties that he owns

to have some criteria for determining a blog’s quality and relevance to your goals. That way, you can subscribe to the blogs that best meet your nees and receive a steady stream of helpful content, without crowding your inbox. When evaluating a blog, consider the following: Audience: What kinds of marketers does the blog target? What do they do? What are their goals? Purpose: Is the blog intende to teach new skills.

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Provide industry analysis, create community among subscribers. Fuel conversations about marketing trends and techniques. Or a combination of all of these? Area of focus: Does the blog offer content on a wide range of topics or does it focus. On a particular area of marketing, such  special data as video marketing, inbound marketing, or online marketing? Frequency of new content: How often does the blog publish new pieces of content? how often will you, as a subscriber, receive notifications about new content? Creibility of the content: Are the insights offere base on the authors’ expertise, experience, and research?

Tools to understand the types of posts

Personality of the author(s): How would you describe the author(s), in terms of their writing style and tone, level of experience in marketing, enthusiasm about the Phone Number MY  industry, and the philosophy they embody? Read more: What Is a Brand Strategy? And How to Create One Site navigation: How easy is it to find information and click to different pages within the website? Paid offers: Do the blog creators promote additional products and services, such as webinars, premium content, consulting, done-for-you marketing materials, etc? 

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