How much do you earn from investing in Lego

How much do you earn from investing in Lego. Good question. I like to work with the ROI, which tells me how much I get out of each euro invested in Lego. In my case, my goal is an ROI of 75%. I apply this to sets that have to mature for at least 18 months before being ready for resale. If I look back analyzing Lego sales figures (which I still don’t have that many of) I have had an average ROI of around 50%.

How to choose the best sets

How to choose the best sets. The worst set in the world with the best price can be a good investment. The benefit is in the purchase job function email list price. If you buy well it is very difficult for you to lose money. What does good mean in that context? Let’s say you buy a Star Wars set at a discount of 30% or more. That in most cases is a good buy.

Do I have to pay taxes if I sell Lego

Do I have to pay taxes if I sell Lego. I am not a tax advisor so what I say below is not advice but simply my point of view. Consult the topic with a person Phone Number My professionally trained on this topic. In the end you have to be clear that one thing is to sell some of your children’s loose Lego sets and another thing is to seriously dedicate yourself to the purchase and resale of Lego.

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