How to record comments as goals in Analytics

How to record comments as goals in Analytics

Tatatachán tachan!!! I’m back! Yep yep yep. There was me, mind you, something mosqui telling me that I was dropping a little in level and that it had been a while since I had come up with some interesting trick up my sleeve and “to this” a client came and told me “ Víctor, I need to know more about the comments.” on my blog, how cool it would be to be able to cross-check that data in Google Analytics .” That’s nothing, right? The man is whimsical ([piopialo]wink, so you can see that I say it with affection, although it would be better to say “with ca-wink”[/piopialo], right?).

Comments as “goals” of Google Analytics

Surely you know me and, therefore, you know how important comments on a blog are to category email list me. For me they are the soul, what really shows that there is a community around a blog, what really shows the quality of a post, what really makes the blog a way to connect people . I love receiving comments, they have great emotional value . But they also have many less emotional advantages. Comments are a true reward for the blogger, in every sense in which you analyze it.

How to record each new comment as an event in Analytics

This point is really easy. In fact, I read a lot of solutions but none of them convinced me since some of them even Phone Number MY involved some security problems or were not supported . So I decided to modify Vcgs Toolbox and put that option. Maybe I made a mistake, maybe I failed, you know that sometimes these things happen. But, in my case, I have tried it and it works perfectly . And, as you will see, it is as simple as going to the plugin settings, “Comments” tab and activating the last option. The box takes care of the rest .

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