In the now digital world of which we are all a part

In the now digital world of which we are all a part

It is essential to always stay in touch with people. In addition, the right offer at the right time can make the difference. The Real Web expert team has been at the service of its customers for years: contact us to find out about our offers or sign up if you want to stay updated thanks to our strategic monitoring.

The consequences of Covid-ninetten Whistler’s silence and the voucher

trend whistler The consequences of Covid-19: Whistler’s,      Oman Phone Number List     silence and the voucher trend realweb Articles, Tourism marketing communication, covid-19, digital marketing, tourism, voucher No comment For most of the destinations that fall within our monitoring, the quarantine period was the right moment to increasingly develop the digital dialogue with tourists and/or customers. The location of Whistler Blackcomb, contrary to all expectations, however, acted against the tide.

The ski resort the undisputed Canadian leader in tourism

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communication and marketing, has preferred silence,        Phone Number My      since the beginning of the epidemic. The last newsletter he sent dates back to March 5th. A striking and allusive signal of the severe emergency situation that we are all experiencing if we consider that in the period March-April 2019 Whistler had released as many as 17 emails, according to the various profiles. Communications on Instagram were also interrupted on March 28 with the announcement of an emergency donation of over 13,000 pounds (about 5,900 kilos) of food to mountain communities. 

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