It is very important to carry out tests for example

It is very important to carry out tests for example

Before activating Smart Bidding we could check the performance of certain keywords using the good old manual CPC, especially if you operate in unprictable environments or particular markets. In fact, Machine Learning will always tend towards a “one size fits all” approach and giving it blind trust is counterproductive.

For example it happen to us that a call extension

Within a dynamic search campaign for a Tourist Promotion,        Austria Phone Number List        Company generat a lot of unwant traffic: the people who call the APT were not interest in receiving information or intending to book a hotel, but people interest in all kinds of local information, such as which was the nearest tire shop. In such a situation there are multiple solutions, such as adding negative keywords, or rearranging the campaign into different ad groups bas on different tags and activating the extension only in some of these groups.

Either way the problem disappears and the dynamic campaign

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Can continue automatically as usual. Finding the right,      Phone Number My        fairbook between human intervention and Machine Learning is the real key to success on the new Google Ads.Here comes Google Ads Google launches Google Ads Here comes Google Ads Silvia Pagano AdvertisingGoogle Ads. One comment What will change in Google advertising with the transition to Google Ads? We ask Daniele del Frate, our mia buyer:

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