Made his debut in 2012 and has since gain

Made his debut in 2012 and has since gain

For example, if everyone is asking for information about how to hang a picture on a wall, and you sell the best picture hanging nails ever, why not flex some of your expertise on the matter? You get to personally answer a potential customer’s question while providing a handy link to your blog’s detaile explanation of it. 16. Growth Hackers Most businesses want to scale up to take on more work and overcome new obstacles. Growth Hackers is an online community of user-generate content that provides insights on any topic that can be done to increase your company’s size, revenue, customer base, lead generation, etc. Every article is detaile and insightful to many different niche industries. Make your voice heard while shining a light on the many ways.

You are trying to grow your business.

It is well worth it. 17. Flipboard Flipboard is a neat app that condenses the internet into nice digestible bite-size blocks. They share content from every major publication you can think of, and they target it to the people who are looking for it. Creating an account and posting new data  your content to it is a great way to drive traffic directly to your blog. It is also a great way to keep track of industry insights, and even your own social meia fees. What really sets this apart is its simplistic interface, which is backe by some serious clout, algorithmically speaking. 18. Scoop.It Boasting organic traffic over two million monthly users, Scoop.

It has become a powerhouse platform for marketers.

Offering content curation software, they help marketers find authoritative content in their industry, which can then be easily share on social meia. You can post your  Phone Number MY content in the   hopes that others will also see it and share it with their followers. Everyone wants to share their content with the world, and this tool makes it easy. It is also a great way to come up with new topic ideas base on what is trending. 19. Listly Another great content curation tool out on the market is Listly. 

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