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They have two intensities in its classification – low and high. Types of product placement can also be differentiate by the meium. New ones join the traditional ones. Already in some games you can buy virtual clothes or gadgets of this or that company. Virtual reality expands this range of possibilities even further. Already on some VOD platforms, while watching the show, you can go directly to the store and buy the dress the presenter is wearing. This gives more and more interesting advertising opportunities. Product placement can be increasingly subtle.

You Can Try Your Hand

What are the costs? The product can be presente in the meium in various ways. In the advertising price lists of Polish private televisions, you can read that the rates are different depending on whether the product is only on the table during the talk database show, or whether it is use in a sketch or is use by the presenter. These are just two examples. Other types of product placement are the product as a backdrop to events or talk about the product. It might seem that an ad in which you can’t see the product on the screen will not be effective enough. However, it is enough to recall the famous dialogue about specific types of hamburgers from the movie Pulp Fiction to change your mind.


At It Yourself But The Agency

To this day, there is a debate about whether it was product placement or not. The dialogue worke better for McDonald’s reputation than the PR campaign , and is one of the iconic scenes for fans of the film. Different types of product placement Phone Number MY also apply to whether we are talking about a product, a group of products or a company. What to consider when choosing the type of product placement? In the aforementione article, Pamela Miles Homer assesses the influence of different types of product placement on viewers’ opinions. It turns out that the best brand recognition is achieve when the frequency of repetitions is low or the product placement is subtle.

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