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First, the name. A good name is one that sticks in memory, is easy to pronounce, and at the same time looks great graphically – on a logotype. A good logo is easy to remember, unique, understandable and legible. It is associate with positive feelings, things, experiences, expresses the character of the brand, emphasizes its uniqueness. Designing a logo is not an easy task. Without a doubt, it is worth entrusting it to specialists. The colors of visual identification are also important. The colors of the brand must match its activities and vision. They should evoke good, pleasant emotions.

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It is important that they are use consistently in all elements of the identification system – including company prints, advertising materials, or in the interior design of the company’s headquarters. Well-chosen colors will distinguish the phone number list brand, define its character, and later will evoke strong associations with the company. Other visual elements of the identification system are: sign book, decorative symbols, company typography (type and size of fonts, in advertising messages), dress code of employees (dress, badges), marketing materials (leaflets, business cards, gadgets), design and arrangement of the company’s headquarters, exhibition stands, shop windows, etc.

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The appearance of the products and packaging offere, website (domain, website design). Non-visual elements affect the customer in a different way than visually. They relate to the other senses. Non-visual elements are the way of customer service – including Phone Number MY customer contact formulas.  Type of communication, language in social meia and on the website. These are also soundtracks use by the company music in premises), or unique fragrances that match the mission and character of the brand in shops or beauty salons). The number and form of identification elements may change depending on which way the company wants to go – what it wants to represent, what means it wants to use, what its goal is.

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