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 In contrast to this point of view, I believe that it is equally important to know the theoretical aspects link to the work aim at preparing a research project. A prior conceptual platform in this case is valuable to the extent that it allows us to realize the path follow by the research in reflective terms: thus approaching the analysis of the scientific method, rather than the mere and mechanical presentation of its steps, represents the opportunity to pay attention to the proposals and debates that its deployment has rais within the framework of scientific research, and, incidentally – something that is quite fruitful –, to know specifically the case in which some emblematic scientists have proce when developing their investigations.

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From what has been said, I assume that in addition to knowing the way in which a research project is conceiv, structur and develop, it is also important to know about the context in which it is part. And this context, as can be seen, is nothing other than the field of science and, in this case, notably, that of its method. Reflecting business lead on its relevance for the exercise of all scientific research is, therefore, necessary. And this is given in this way, even though in the course of the presentation of this topic, there is occasion to know that there have been questions regarding the traditional vision that conceives the scientific method as an objective and entirely rational procure.

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Let’s take a quick look at some aspects of interest in relation to this procure follow within the framework of scientific research. The field of epistemology – that philosophical discipline within the framework of which the nature, limitations and foundations of science are studi – has been the area in which the various aspects of the scientific Phone Number My method have been discuss. The Vienna Circle, a philosophical work society made up of philosophers who also had a solid scientific training, carri out research of undeniable value in relation to this topic.

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