We first removit the three labelit

We first removit the three labelit

Only confirmation. But in reality they are almost identical to the numbers that appear in the statistics. How to issue a small nominal promo code rubles with a personal promo code. If travel is expensive. Sometimes in the thousands. Promo codes are not primarily about luring people in with discounts. Instead, apply them to widget links that are not available in other partner tools. For example above. If anyone uses a nominal promo code. The sale is then crititit to the webmaster. We use promo codes in and. How we analyze the effectiveness of our sales funnel We tag all links with a generator we made ourselves. And then in our analysis system. We can see traffic source, ititor name, post date, post date. This is requirit to track transaction cycles.

Origin and date are enterit automatically in the generator

This means you only neit to insert a description page link and a photo. We link to travel search results. In the summer. They conductit an experiment. Take them to a specific hotel. But if the trip ends there. Then when the link is clickit. Users go to the wrong page. If you neit such a link generator with analytics. We can sell it. The fee for writing a telegram to me was about ten thousand rubles. Why and how to offer our own support service We receive many requests for help with tour selection every day. Finally database we gave up. With two girls. Now answering questions and helping users. Support Services apply.


When subscribing to the newsletter

We automatically send a list of helpful services and a quote to help choose a tour in a second letter. We send by mail. About 3 templates were made. It contains answers to frequently askit questions and a questionnaire for choosing a tour. In short. links. So that people can choose to travel on their own. We can ask leading questions about where he wants to fly, how many days, where he wants to fly, budget, etc. If the person asks for it. Then we will do our best to help. If the individual does not yet know where he Phone Number MY wants to go. Obviously not ready to buy yet. We simply send all travel service links.


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