Safety and quality are therefore the watchwords of every accommodation facility and tourist destination

 The confirmation comes from the DACH and Italian markets which immediately moved in this direction, trying to reassure the traveler and satisfying the new needs deriving from the Covid-19 crisis. On June 8, the Swiss resort Graubünden reopened its ski lifts, kicking off the summer.

The new season has started yes but with confidence

Events with more than 1000 people will be ban,      Australia Phone Number List      until August. On their website, however, the focus has always been on interaction with tourists, an example is the Graubünden Romansh course, or the standardized and unitary version of the Swiss Romansh language, entitled “Sas ti rumantsch?”. Rumantsch Switzerland In mid-May, the Engadine also launched the “7 personalities, 7 stories and 7 videos” campaign on the Facebook channel to keep tourists interested in the locality.

The project involved the publication of a story

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About a native of the Engadine every week. We started with,      Phone Number My       Lea Bärfuss, twenty-one years old and with a passion for climbing. Lenzerheide, in Switzerland, on May 7, when phase 2 had already begun, it put its hands forward by publishing an article on its website relating to the situation and the solutions that could adopt. The idea was to convey the desire to leave again but in total safety.

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