Setting up Google Analytics with UTM URL parameters

Setting up Google Analytics with UTM URL parameters

Greatly depending on your audience.But regardless of cost, advertisers want to generate positive ROI from their ad spend, and conversion tracking is an essential part of managing campaign performance and hitting target KPIs .

You can run a Facebook advertising campaign for a specific goal, such as signing up for your email list, purchasing a product, or downloading a lead magnet.

You can see the exact return on ad spend for each campaign, ad set, or even specific ads;

Facebook knows who your customers are and shows your ads to people who are likely to become potential customers or customers.

You can set up custom conversions to create custom audiences and run remarketing campaigns targeting website visitors, people who added products to their cart but didn’t check out, or specific page views;

You can exclude recent buyers, leads, or website visitors from your ad campaigns.

These are very attractive benefits if you ask me, and as a fellow marketer, you might find some interesting opportunities too.

Facebook Conversion API Source: Facebook Event Manager

The Facebook Conversion API is the social purchase phone lists┬ámedia giant’s tool that helps marketers accurately measure the performance of their ads in iOS 14.5 and beyond.

Apple’s new tracking policy requires users to explicitly consent to sharing their data with advertisers to receive personalized ads. Most iPhone users are reluctant to share this data.

Additionally, desktop ad blocker usage has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

These two factors have created challenges for marketers because they prevent Facebook’s pixel from tracking user behavior across website platforms and transmitting this data to Facebook, thereby bypassing relevant ad targeting.

However, the Conversions API solves this problem by providing an additional bridge directly from your website server to the Facebook Ads Manager platform.

Setting up Google Analytics with UTM URL parameters

Phone Number List

Set Up Google Analytics With UTM URL Parameters(Source: Campaign Phone Number MY URL Builder )

Even before the 2021 iOS 14.5 update, Facebook’s native conversion reporting wasn’t very reliable or accurate. Most of the accounts I work with have inflated conversion data reported.

However, after the update, the Ads Manager platform will show aggregated conversion estimates rather than specific numbers.

This creates a nightmare situation when trying to optimize or scale your campaigns. Ultimately, marketers must rely on accurate metrics to evaluate campaign performance.

The good news is that setting up Google Analytics with UTM URL parameters will show you accurate website session and conversion data. Campaign by campaign, ad by ad.

It’s also worth mentioning that each platform uses different attribution settings by default, which can be a bit confusing.

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