social distancing between necessity and fantasy

social distancing between necessity and fantasy

wandererSocial distancing between necessity and fantasy realweb Articles, covid19 tourism marketing, digital marketing, fantasy, strategy No comment Social distancing and the new behaviors dictated by the Covid-19 crisis have changed the relationship between tourist and operator. The rules and preventive measures to contain the risk of contagion have entered our daily lives. The effects will substantially affect phase 3, that of the reopening and the tourist product.

In the dining rooms of hotels and restaurants

the distance of at least one meter between back and back,      UAE Phone Number List       must be maintained, in the swimming pool, 7 square meters per person must be guaranteed, the hotel lifts will have different times for the doors to close and here too the number of people will be limited. The services that hotels dedicate to their guests will also undergo significant changes.

For example the buffet we have always been use

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to will have to  replace by table service. Then, to ensure,      Phone Number My      adequate interpersonal distancing, differentiated entry and exit routes from the dining rooms or from the structure itself are encourage. Even the use of lifts is not immune to change: it can only use if it allows respect for interpersonal distance, equipped as always with a mask. Mountain refuges face social distancing with the take-away formula at high altitude.

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