The changes continue with the formalization of the new Adwords experience

The user experience of the platform which has been available in beta since 2017 and towards which some fundamental functions had already migrat, such as the creation / modification of automat rules or the possibility consult the advice for optimizing campaigns, effectively making the classic Adwords obsolete for a few months.

The only survivor of the reorganization seems to

Adwords Express, the version of Adwords for small businesses,      Belarus Phone Number List       and one-person marketing teams, which will continue to be independent from Google Ads, complete with a help page that helps us choose which of the two solutions is more suitable for our nes. SPOILER ALERT: Adwords Express is a bit oversimplifi in our opinion. If there is another revolution, it is likely that this will see the merger between the two Ads and Express solutions.

We have already witness the unification by

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Facebook between Business Manager and Power itor,    Phone Number My        and Google will probably do the same, trying to simplify its platform more and more, making it more accessible to everyone, but at the same time without losing functions and possibilities, what which happens when you decide to fall back on Adwords Express. Our advice therefore is to focus immiately on Google Ads, even if you are a single person or work in a very small company.