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There are several ways to deal with this type of anti-advertising. Companies rarely choose to take legal action. Sometimes this is possible due to copyright infringement. Crisis management in such a situation may also rely on a creative counter to such subversive advertising. Most often, however, companies use silence as a tactic to deal with criticism. This can be seen on the example of McDonald’s. It would not be beneficial for the company to address the allegations.

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Ignoring these actions diminishes their importance. Loyal customers of the company and those who pay attention to the social commentary containe in subvertising are two different groups. Emphasizing the allegations could only make them Latest Mailing Database louder. An exception is one of Banksy’s less controversial works . The advertising agency supporting McDonald’s in 2018 create a variation on it, thus showing a sense of humor. The company learne this tactic from mistakes. subvertising a new trend in marketing? Back in the 1990s, McDonald’s sue two London activists for distributing several hundre leaflets revealing the truth about the company’s dishes. The court battle laste 10 years.

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In the end, the activists won it. For McDonald’s, the whole commotion was very unfavorable in terms of image. Usual accusations against corporations are usually callousness and actions against the “common man”. Taking ordinary people to court for Phone Number MY altering a poster or leaflet confirms the worst stereotypes about corporations. Can subversiveness be avoide? And how to avoid the situation when you fall victim to subvertising? Subvertising is a response to the increasingly loud phenomenon of landscape pollution. It’s about the excess of billboards and other advertising meia in public space. In the context of the Polish landscape, the meia write about “banerosis.

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The solution would lie in story-telling according to Arthur. You have to tell a story and offer quality content. Arthur explains that there are 2 types of videos: Short videos of 1m30 maximum The 2m30 explanatory videos At Topo vidéo, they are specialists in the production of drawn and brief explanatory videos (1m30). Internet users are looking for emotions and showing them a video of a product is far from making them dream.

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Most companies are afraid to launch into disinterestd content, which is not directly focusd on their products, because they fear losing Latest Mailing Database their target. Error ! To arouse attention and above all to maintain it, you have to tell a story . Generally, companies that use Topovidéo are temptd to tell everything about them. However, in 1m30 it is almost mission impossible and above all it would not be effective. The solution is therefore to choose one or two arguments and to stage them in the video. The objective is to capture the attention of the user from start to finish so that he performs an action.

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Click to the site, download, etc. Arthur points out that videos on Facebook are more easily countd, from only 3 seconds, against the entire Phone Number MY video on Youtube. Don’t neglect videos, it’s a great way to make yourself understood, videos increase the understanding of a product by 74%, says Arthur. NWX Summer Festival Conference – Topo Video Intervention NWX Summer Festival Conference – Topo Video Intervention “Content is nothing without context” Charles Chemin Creator of the “Hello Rouen” blog in January 2015, on Rouen outings (yes, if there are any!), Charles explains to us that before creating content you have to find the context to talk to your community.