The protagonists will be Stefano Accorsing

Who will describe the itineraries along the Via Emilia linked to the world of cinema and the beauty of the cities of art – and Paolo Cevoli, who will discuss the attractions of Romagna, from the sea to the mountains. At their side there will also be three well-known faces of sport: Alberto Tomba, Stefano Baldini and Davide Cassani.

The goal is to tell Romagna through people who are Emilia Romagna

To be reborn yes, but reborn through the locals. From 10 June,      China Phone Number List       the starting day of the campaign, “Beaches as big as our heart”, “open sea like our hugs”, “Safe lands, like our love” will be Romagna’s declaration of affection for its guests in the ‘post-Covid-19 summer. In the Alps, on the other hand, the Austrian town of Kitzbühel already promoted activities for the family at the beginning of May via a video on the YouTube channel.

Abenteuer literally adventure was the watchword

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It seemed to be the protagonists of a film: the video,      Phone Number My        relaunch images that left you breathless and attracted everyone, especially the little ones. Ischgl instead replaced the Eros Ramazzotti concert, scheduled for May 2 and canceled due to the Covid-19 emergency, with an alternative, more characteristic concert. 81 players performed remotely and created a unique atmosphere by reproducing Carl Michel Ziehrer’s Schönfeld March.