The Cesta Grand AktivHotel gives all its guests the opportunity to

Experience a blind date. The Blind Date offer is its novelty and it is a “blind” booking, it is not known when you go on vacation but you know what the package will include. Only when the booking is confirm will the dates be reveal. CG_Gallery_Gastein_Blinddate In South Tyrol, Val Gardena promoted the South Tyrolean countryside which was very popular in mid-May on the Instagram channel.

It was a series of black and white portraits

Where the people photograph showed a simple sign,      Denmark Phone Number List       with the inscription: “#RestartSuedtirolNOW”. The lockdown had now lasted too long, the need to get back on stage and above all to normality had become a necessity. The unknown, however, is the arrival of tourists and their desire to travel. Some companies have carried out surveys and interviews to understand their intentions in 2020. In the USA, the data was collect by the PiplSay agency and they come to the conclusion that 46% of.

Americans want to take a vacation as soon as the lockdown is over

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while 19% will wait up to 6 months and 18% will not,      Phone Number My       travel for at least a year. IATA, the international association to which 254 airlines belong, has carried out its survey worldwide: 60% of international travelers will return to travel within 6 months of the end of the restrictive measures, 69% of which will postpone only in case of financial problems arose. In collaboration with Confturismo, SWG managed the survey on the national territory.