Initiative first agency in new business and advertiser retention

Initiative is recognized as the first agency in attracting new business and retaining its clients (86%, which translates into 958 million dollars) , thanks to the momentum of the Spanish market. These results, obtained in the 25th edition of the Media Agency New Business Barometer (NBB) report , prepared by the independent consulting firm COMvergence , arise after the evaluation of 2,800 launches and movements concluded between January and September 2022 in 48 countries. Throughout 2022, Initiative , belonging to the IPG Mediabrands group of media agencies , has become the most successful media agency in attracting new clients, as well as maintaining its relationship with advertisers , obtaining the best result of business retention of the entire network worldwide.

The effort and good work of markets

Like Spain in the EMEA region has been essential to place the agency in this leading position. Specifically, in our country Initiative top industry data renewed, during 2022, contracts with brands such as DIA, Turismo de Islas Canarias and MSD , while they signed new partnerships with ONCE, Nike, Garmin, NBA and Porcelanosa .For Vicente Ros, Managing Director of Initiative España , “this is proof of the great work that the agency team has been doing in recent years, which translates into the trust placed in us by new clients, but also by current ones such as Amazon, Warner Bros., DIA, LaLiga, Wallapop, etc. 

Initiative proof of great work

The independent international consulting firm COMvergence analyzes business results and the state of the market within the marketing Phone Number MY and advertising sector in each country on a quarterly basis. Thus, in this latest report, it recognizes the organic growth momentum that Initiative is experiencing in the global network markets and in Spain . In relation to this last country, these results join those obtained by the IPG agency Mediabrands by another consulting firm specialized in the sector, the French RECMA, which recognized Initiative with the first position in its New-biz balance ranking on last October.

Ana Hernández and Miriam Alonso the new additions to CLV

Ana Hernández, Account Executive, comes from the audiovisual world where she previously worked. Colirio Films and Vietnam Estudio for clients such as: ONCE, International Cosmetics, Budweiser, Puleva… With an absolute vocation for advertising, for creative processes, for each of the campaigns she works on, for thinking, sharing and growing as a team, she trained in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Murcia and is an “accounts” expert. atypical that masters the Adobe package to perfection.

At CLV Work for Santalucía

Diamond Films, Bravo Students, PlayStation and Disney+. Miriam Alonso, art director, has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from category email list the Complutense University of Madrid with a Master’s degree in Creativity from The Atomic Garden. Until now she worked in September for accounts such as Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid City Council, Control… At CLV he will work for Diamond Films, Bravo Students, PlayStation and Disney+.

CLV and its most recent campaign

The Commission for the Investigation of Mistreatment of Women (Ministry of Equality) in collaboration with the advertising Phone Number MY agency CLV , launched the ‘Accomplices of abuse ‘ campaign . With it, they aim to raise awareness in society about the need to act against gender violence.

Advertising investment grew in October and reached 6253 million euros

In October 2022 , advertising investment data reflects a growth of 4.9% compared to the previous year. Which is equal to 625.3 million euros compared to the 596.1 million euros reached in 2021. Infoadex informs that this data includes media. That are not directly controlled by the company. The data referring to Radio. Outdoor and Digital. The latter due to the inclusion of data from Search and Social Networks. Could be affected. Infoadex data Advertising investment in different media and supports The Digital medium occupies the first position by volume of advertising investment during October 2022, with a growth of 7.3% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Social Networks increased their investment

With a total of 316.1 million euros. In this category, figure by 10.2%, achieving 82.2 million euros. For its part, Websites grows by 6.9% with an industry email list investment of 117.2 million euros, compared to the 109.6 million obtained in the same period of 2021. Finally, Search increases by 5.8%, going from 110.2 million euros in the month of October 2021 compared to 116.6 million in the month analyzed . Television is positioned as the second medium in terms of investment. Which brings together 178.2 million euros, which is equal to a decrease of 1.4%, compared to 180.8 million euros in 2021.

In third place is Radio

With 44.1 million, an increase of 7.7%. Furthermore, this medium has managed to multiply the growth of the advertising market by four in the Phone Number MY first nine months of the year. The Foreign figure amounts to 39.5 million euros in October 2022, an increase of 18.8% over the previous year. Diarios, for its part, presents an investment of 2.6%, thus reaching 31.7 million euros. Magazines are in sixth place in terms of investment volume, with a decrease of 2.1%, which is equal to 11.7 million euros. Cinema , registers 2.5 million euros during the month of October 2022, increasing its investment by 11.4%. Finally, Dominicales , recorded 1.5 million euros and decreased its figure by -0.4% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Why business depends on luck and how to attract it

Why business depends on luck and how to attract it. I have no doubt that luck is an important factor in business. It can come to you without much effort but these are rather rare cases. Normally luck finds you working. It’s a matter of increasing your odds. The harder you work, the luckier you will be.

You have to continually work on the right things

You have to continually work on the right things. Another thing I have learned over the years is that there is no point in working for the sake of working. I am very stubborn in what I do and until I was 38 I thought it was a matter of holding on long enough to be successful email contact list with any project. I was wrong. You also have to have a good project to attract luck. The bad thing is that neither during nor before and only after will you know if it was the right project or not. I can give you a little advice.

Being very good at something attracts luck

Being very good at something attracts luck Being very good at one thing helps attract luck. Let’s say you’re really good at making complex industrial molds and you’ve built a national reputation for it. When a company faces a problem that its own workers do not know how to solve, it is very likely that they will contact you Phone Number My because you are that person who can help them. I don’t believe in “follow your passion” and you can make money with anything. The optimal thing is that this thing is monetizable.

Scale your business with these four factors and the ones I prefer in my businesses

Scale your business with these four factors and the ones I prefer in my businesses. I don’t know much about this topic. It’s the truth. So you better not pay too much attention to me either. What I say is not based on my own experience (for a change) but on that of third parties. It’s a recurring theme that I’ve heard in different variations from different entrepreneurs.

The four factors you have to scale your business

The four factors you have to scale your business The idea behind scaling in a business context is simple. The more and/or better you make use of the following factors, the greater the chances you will have to grow your business. Your time : People are actually not the worst way to grow your business. In theory there is one that could be worse and that is your email leads own time. By definition you have no more than 24 hours a day and you may have to subtract a few hours to sleep. Some are able to stretch it but your time by definition is finite.

My favorite options

My favorite options You don’t have to be too smart to guess what my preferred options are: third-party capital and code. I like Bondora’s business Phone Number My model of receiving interest on P2P loans. With a small investment you can participate in a dozen loans, reducing the risk of having a total loss of your capital. I’m going to copy the model and apply it to my world.

What we’re all doing wrong with passive income

What we’re all doing wrong with passive income. I have criticized the idea behind passive income many times in the past. The main reason for this is possibly my own frustration of wanting to have them but being aware at the same time that very few achieve it. In the world of digital marketing, the typical example would be to position.

Thinking they are passive when they are not

Thinking they are passive when they are not. There is an income considered outside the online world considered passive that is not. This is related income from property rentals. I’m about to invest in my fourth home and it’s anything but passive. Even if I have a trusted top people data person who helps me with management and takes away 95% of my tasks, that 5% is still there. Every month small and big problems arise with tenants about which a decision must be made.

Confusing passive income with non-passive income

Confusing passive income with non-passive income. There is a myth that passive income has two phases. The first is to get to the point where you turn it into a liability and the second is to simply Phone Number My add money. To return to the niche example. Even if you manage to position. Your blog for one or several keywords with traffic in the top 10 of Google to receive visits and subsequently.

The importance of mattresses for your personal and professional finances

The importance of mattresses for your personal and professional finances. I have already commented on it in another post. There is an exercise that has helped me a lot to be more aware and plan my personal and professional finances better. This is an exercise that simply consists of adding and subtracting all assets and liabilities to arrive at a final figure that is defined as net worth.

Which lets me sleep better

Which lets me sleep better Knowing that I sleep on an increasingly thick mattress allows me to sleep more peacefully. If I look back two years, we have lived like many people month to month without being very clear about where we will be in 4 weeks. The main email database  mistake I have made has been to bet too much on passion projects without generating sources of recurring income that allow liquidity to act as oxygen for professional and personal activities.

Make mattresses where you know you will need reserves

Make mattresses where you know you will need reserves My mattresses are related to paying taxes. Every time again we have been surprised in the past and this should not have happened because in theory it can be Phone Number My planned. This time was different. We have created virtual mattresses where we have put money that we have been deducting from the net worth, already thinking that they would have been paid.

How much do you earn from investing in Lego

How much do you earn from investing in Lego. Good question. I like to work with the ROI, which tells me how much I get out of each euro invested in Lego. In my case, my goal is an ROI of 75%. I apply this to sets that have to mature for at least 18 months before being ready for resale. If I look back analyzing Lego sales figures (which I still don’t have that many of) I have had an average ROI of around 50%.

How to choose the best sets

How to choose the best sets. The worst set in the world with the best price can be a good investment. The benefit is in the purchase job function email list price. If you buy well it is very difficult for you to lose money. What does good mean in that context? Let’s say you buy a Star Wars set at a discount of 30% or more. That in most cases is a good buy.

Do I have to pay taxes if I sell Lego

Do I have to pay taxes if I sell Lego. I am not a tax advisor so what I say below is not advice but simply my point of view. Consult the topic with a person Phone Number My professionally trained on this topic. In the end you have to be clear that one thing is to sell some of your children’s loose Lego sets and another thing is to seriously dedicate yourself to the purchase and resale of Lego.