The aim is to keep tourists attention build anticipation and provide

Them with ideas for when travel will be possible again. The first place to launch an initiative of this type was Greece with the Greece From Home portal, managed by the Ministry of Tourism, which collects YouTube videos of some citizens. A look at Greek beauty yes, but sitting comfortably on your sofas. The Faroe Islands, on the other hand, offer us the possibility of “piloting” a local guide of the place in the flesh from home who, with a camera on his head.

Turns in the direction we want or even jumps and runs when request

A sort of tourist video game, seeing is believing! Remote,      Iran Phone Number List       Tourism Returning instead to Italy, and specifically to South Tyrol, Alta Badia is ready for a “green” summer. Its summer program is entirely focused on nature and aimed at reducing the environmental impact. The first initiative promoted is WowNature Alta Badia – Grow a Tree: it is a reforestation project in the area after the Vaia storm of autumn 2018 which also severely hit its places, specifically the Campolongo area (about 12 hectares of area).

Each tree costs between Twentty and Thirty euros and can plant directly by the buyer

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The Eco-Hiker project is also part of the green,      Phone Number My      perspective: eco-sustainable excursions to raise tourist awareness. Specifically, trips will organize with an expert where the participants, equipped with gloves, bio bags and tools, will walk through the woods with the aim of collecting waste (appointments already scheduled: 13 and 27 July, 24 August). On the other hand, to shorten the distance in this period of lockdown.