Keep an Eye on Your Organic Traffic and Rankings

Simply put, conversion tracking measures and shows how many people completed a desired action (such as becoming a lead or purchasing a product) after seeing your ad on a social media platform.


Why is Facebook conversion tracking essential to running successful campaigns?

Facebook ads are a form of PPC advertising , and strictly speaking, Facebook charges based on the CPM model, which is cost per thousand impressions.


Different target audiences cost different amounts to reach. Therefore, advertising costs can vary greatly depending on your audience.


But regardless of cost, advertisers want to generate positive ROI from their ad spend, and conversion tracking is an essential part of managing campaign performance and hitting target KPIs .

Here Are Some Benefits of Setting Up the Tools Described in This Blog Post

You can run a Facebook advertising campaign for a specific goal, such as signing up for your email list, purchasing outbound calling laws a product, or downloading a lead magnet.

You can see the exact return on ad spend for each campaign, ad set, or even specific ads;

Facebook knows who your customers are and shows your ads to people who are likely to become potential customers or customers.

You can set up custom conversions to create custom audiences and run remarketing campaigns targeting website visitors, people who added products to their cart but didn’t check out, or specific page views;

You can exclude recent buyers, leads, or website visitors from your ad campaigns.

These are very attractive benefits if you ask me, and as a fellow marketer, you might find some interesting opportunities too.

5 Tools to Achieve Accurate Conversion Tracking on Facebook

The following list of tools is sorted in descending order from the most Phone Number MY important: Facebook Pixel, Conversion Events, and Conversion API.

Next, Google Analytics, a free tool, allows you to enhance Facebook’s basic tracking features and add another layer.

Finally, there are third-party ad tracking tools that offer improved and more comprehensive features .

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At each stage of your business growth and campaign spending, you’ll want to invest in better, more accurate tools.