From today fact the choice of the structure will base

first of all on the safety of the place where you are going to stay. Therefore, every accommodation facility will have to think about a well-studied restart and communicate on all its channels in a coordinated manner. If until three months ago the destination was the choice from which planning began, after the pandemic that has affected each of us without distinction, hygiene and prevention will be new primary needs to be met.

With the new season the hotel becomes the second home of the tourist

He will have to perceive the same sense of protection and,      Poland Phone Number List        care even more strongly than it has been up to now. It will no longer be possible to bet on the price, but the quality of the service will become a fundamental pillar of rebirth. It is therefore necessary to know how to communicate your hotel and strengthen storytelling, transforming protocols into strengths of the structure.

The phase that every hotelier will have to face becomes an opportunity

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To create new contacts with tourists, the right and lasting contacts,      Phone Number My     based on a trust that will be even more stable than it has ever been.These issues will be the subject of free training organized by Real Web and CiEffe, an accredited body in Trentino Alto Adige for continuous training.