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She is not the only one to have been so creative. Easter greetings have become the right occasion to remind tourists of their holiday planning, and that is what the Austrian resort of Kitzbühel has done. “Yes, one is forced to stay at home, yet the mind is already turned to summer. Plan!”. A cry of hope, life and happiness also came from the hotels which, with equal creativity, kept alive the memory of relaxation and well-being that one feels while doing yoga or exercising in the morning.

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Each action was the right opportunity to show oneself,      Russia Phone Number List       with all one’s characteristics but in another way, an entirely “digital” way. Serfaus Fiss Ladis, an Austrian resort renowned for its ski resorts, has given away a series of desktop wallpapers via newsletter. The colors of Serfaus have become an integral part of the computer of those.

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