Another example comes from Amsterdam

where you literally eat inside greenhouses built in glass, small “green houses”. For a bar in Germany, however, the Cafè Rothe, the solution for social distancing is to wear swimming tubes like a hat. In our reality, Trentino, there is no shortage of virtuous examples: this is the case of the Casa del Vino in Isera, which has reopened focusing on the large garden, the times, the theme evenings, the dedicated menus and the synergy with the 40 wineries of the Vallagarina.

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in South Tyrol, launched the “Nos Ladins” project in,      UK Phone Number List        mid-May. It is a question of offering tourists different experiences in contact with the locals to get to know the Ladin area first-hand and directly experience what it means to live in these mountains, savoring their aromas and flavours. There are seven local “ambassadors” with whom to get in touch and live experiences such as hay cutting, transhumance, herb gathering, the preparation of typical dishes, a sunrise on the summit and a Dolomite marathon by bike.

Yes we start again but once again from traditions

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and proximity tourism. The right offer at the right time,    Phone Number My      can make all the difference. The Real Web expert team has been at the service of its customers for years: contact us to find out about our offers or sign up if you want to stay updated thanks to our strategic monitoring.Reopening yes, but safely Switzerland Reopening Reopening yes, but safely realweb Articles, covid19 tourism marketing, digital marketing, restart, tourism No comment The summer 2020 tourist needs security, expressed in the quality of the product and services.