The DACH locations have in fact begun to move right away

The DACH locations have in fact begun to move right away

By proposing new activities for future seasons. Thanks to our monitoring we have been able to identify who moved first, who had the courage to talk about summer and even winter. It is clear that email marketing played a fundamental role in this phase. Digital communication has become an essential tool for reaching people directly.

In fact, it is precisely through the newsletter that the news and

the latest decisions of hotels and destinations were transmit. Serfaus,      Japan Phone Number List       has decided to open its summer season on July 4, aware that a too early departure this year would have been counterproductive. Saalbach has introduced the “Flexi Booking” or greater flexibility in the cancellation to encourage the booking of tourists.

The traveler books but can cancel up to 14 days in advance

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A similar offer but with an even greater cancellation,      Phone Number My      was made by the destination Ötztal: guarantee of a free cancellation up to 7 days before. Otztal Starling The apparent calm of Graubünden also appears as an excellent marketing strategy: it promotes two or three packages for the summer season but every day, constantly, as if to give small samples to the tourists who access its site. It is evident that the year 2020 foresees a greater understanding of the needs of the tourist, two steps forward, a readjustment of everything we were use to.

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