The email simply asks a question

The email simply asks a question

Because it is not a pre-packag or dat contact database. But an active community that wishes to receive regular information and updates. Here comes the difficulties of email marketing : how many messages must/can you send? How will you manage to convey the values ​​and uniqueness of your company? If all leads read are commercial offers and promotions. They will likely close the email without clicking the links inside and stop opening them in the future. Exactly what happens when you receive unwant calls from call-center operators who start explaining to you how incrible their offer is.

Too bad you’re not really interest

Download the ebook even if you are sending useful messages full of ucational content. If you send them every single day you could be excessive Business Database and annoying in the eyes of prospects and customers. Planning the email campaign is a critical phase because the experience of the users receiving the communications depends on it. Let’s now analyze the different possibilities offer by email marketing to stay in touch with your current and potential customers.

Email as ucational content it is

business database

An email focus on a single topic that is briefly anticipat to intrigue the reader and invite him to click on a link for further information or receive other Phone Number My information. The page to which the link is connect is usually an article on the company blog or a landing page dicat to the campaign. Keep in mind that on average recipients spend 20 to 30 seconds reading a message. So don’t spend too much time to avoid running the risk of being ignor. The number one goal of email marketing is to bring qualifi traffic to your site .

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