Things Like the People You Follow

Things Like the People You Follow

Track and analyze performance results grow wherever your focus goes. Analytics let you see which posts and platforms deliver the best results. What if your instagram paid ads get many views. But more people donate through facebook? You could shift the paid budget to facebook and use ig for awareness. The best results analysis includes both big-picture views and granular. Post-level tracking. A few metrics to review include: engagement rate impressions likes profile visits website clicks you can pull these metrics individually from each platform. Or you can create a custom dashboard in hootsuite that collects data from several social mia apps. A screenshot of hootsuite’s cross-platform analytics dashboard start free -day trial it’s much easier to compare when you can see like-for-like results from each social mia app.

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And with hootsuite. You get benchmarks from your industry to know how you compare.  Use the right tools most fundraising organizations run lean. There’s never enough time to do all the work that nes to get done. The right social mia tools let your team work more efficiently and effectively. Social mia platforms offer options to help fundraisers get a leg up on other organizations. Facebook’s fundraising suite includes donate buttons. Supporter fundraising campaigns. 

And automat ‘thank you’ replies. Instagram b2b email list offers support buttons. Fundraiser posts. Donation stickers. And several ways to collaborate with creators and celebrities. Youtube’s non-profit program gives you dicat technical support and link anywhere cards links that direct viewers to your fundraising website there’s also a youtube program specifically for ucation organizations.

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Tiktok for good has plenty of crowdfunding campaign ideas and fundraiser tools. Including account management support. Twitter provides pro bono ad crits. Advertising resources. And skills training to help non-profits reach their fundraising goals. You’ll also ne a fundraising landing page if you don’t already have one built into your website. 

Donorbox and little green light Phone Number My are good options. For creating. Schuling. And managing social mia posts and campaigns. Hootsuite has you cover. Composer is where you’ll build and schule posts in hootsuite. You can write text. Add images and videos. And even design posts using canva without leaving the hootsuite dashboard. There’s a grammarly plugin to avoid any embarrassing spelling mistakes. Plus.

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