Third-party Advertising Tracking Attribution and Analytics Software

Third-party Advertising Tracking Attribution and Analytics Software

Ultimately, conversion APIs open up countless possibilities for marketers striving to deliver effective advertising without being constrained by user privacy protocols.

Set Up Google Analytics With UTM URL Parameters(Source: Campaign URL Builder )

Even before the 2021 iOS 14.5 update, Facebook’s native conversion reporting wasn’t very reliable or accurate. Most of the accounts I work with have inflated conversion data reported.

However, after the update, the Ads Manager platform will show aggregated conversion estimates rather than specific numbers.

This creates a nightmare situation when trying to optimize or scale your campaigns. Ultimately, marketers must rely on accurate metrics to evaluate campaign performance.

These events come in two forms

No matter what stage your business is at, tracking user acquisition and conversion data is important to understand how prospects interact with your brand, where they come from, and when they become paying customers.

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Should you invest in the coolest tools right from the start? This may vary depending on your budget and needs. But for most marketers and situations, free tools will suffice.

Third-party advertising tracking attribution and analytics software

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Investing in a third-party ad tracking tool can be very beneficial if you’re Phone Number MY working with a huge budget and looking to increase your campaign ROI.

These tools provide insights that Facebook’s conversion tracking and Google Analytics don’t.

One of the many benefits is cross-device tracking. These platforms are dedicated ad tracking services that allow you to track a person throughout their customer journey, from their first visit, even as they switch browsers (from Chrome to Firefox), devices (from phones to laptops), and even IP addresses. there is.

If you can track each visit and user behavior, you can accurately track the lifetime value of each customer.

With an accurate understanding of the lifetime value of your customers, you can confidently scale your ad spend on your best-performing campaigns.

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