Those who had not yet exhibited themselves for a certain date continued

Those who had not yet exhibited themselves for a certain date continued

To get close to the tourist virtually, giving away the images and the beauty of their places via video. The goal was to give birth to a shred of nostalgia in the hearts of the most loyal ones, to move them with the landscapes where they have left their most beautiful summer and winter memories.

An example is Kitzbühel which conveyed emotions

In this way for much of the lockdown period. Some localities,      Pakistan Phone Number List     have even gone further, promoting the winter season from the beginning of April. The promotion of Early Bird offers was not lacking for the Engadine, the Swiss resort that was the first to promote the Sleep + Ski winter package. Graubünden, on the other hand, to encourage the purchase of its GraubündenCARD, has opened a competition that allows – once registered via the form – to participate in the extraction of a Card.

As for the towns of Saalbach Kitzbühel Zell am See and Lenzerheide

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They have all offered a Card valid for one year which allows,      Phone Number My        the use of the lifts throughout the summer and winter season without particular restrictions related to the emergency. Card Saalbach In American tourism, on the other hand, we find new examples of renewal and re-adaptation. The most used formula was “Buy Now, Check In Later”. As reported by the New York Times, overseas hotel structures invest in undated gift cards and the first hotel Gift Card portals are born, such as Hotel Credits. 

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