Tik Tok analytics : how it works

Tik Tok analytics : how it works

For fashion and beauty brands. the best way to understand the true impact of their marketing strategies is to properly measure all online and offline efforts. and TikTok is no exception. The average TikTok user in the UK spends around an hour a day on the app and during the first quarter of 2020 alone. a record 315 million people sign up to the platform (source: Elle ). The beauty industry has been boost on TikTok with 52% of users saying they discover new beauty products on the digital platform. So. to best adapt their strategies. brands ne to measure and understand consumer engagement and their overall impact.

How to measure marketing activities on Tik Tok

Many questions have been rais about how to check analytics on TikTok. or business email list  where to find follower count and statistics. In the area dicat to the analytical part of TikTok . the data is organiz into three main categories: Overview In the Overview section. you can track the growth of brand followers. video and profile views over a series of time periods such as a week. 28 or 60 days. Within Overview. you can also explore the Engagement section which allows you to evaluate video performance bas on likes. comments and shares. Contents To learn more about your brand’s TikTok account. you can review the Content section and take a deeper look at the data and analytics for every video post on the app.

Understanding the analytical part of Tik Tok and knowing

In this section you will find the total views. total “likes”. the average viewing time. the percentage of viewers who watch your Phone Number My full video. the type of traffic source. for example directly via the profile or in the fe “For you” and the public’s territories. However. these metrics are only available for seven days after publication. Followers Another metric to explore is the Followers section which highlights insights into the TikTok community. Highlight the geographic location of your audience. changes in follower growth. and the times of day or week that followers are most active on TikTok. This can be seen between a period of seven and 28 days.

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