Why is an SEO audit necessary for a website

Why is an SEO audit necessary for a website

Behind every successful business is a powerful SEO campaign. But with so many optimization tools and techniques to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry anymore. There is a way I can help you. Introducing the Ranktracker all-in-one platform for effective SEO.

Should you invest in the coolest tools right from the start? This may vary depending on your budget and needs. But for most marketers and situations, free tools will suffice.


Facebook pixel code allows website owners to measure, optimize, and build audiences for their online advertising campaigns. It’s basically a tool that bridges the gap between what’s happening on your website and the Facebook Ads Manager platform.

Facebook Conversion Event

After all, Facebook is one of the highest ROI paid customer acquisition channels . And for marketers, ROI is the name of the game.

So what exactly is conversion tracking?

With the help of this little piece of code, business owners can better monitor the success or failure of their Facebook advertising campaigns to make smarter decisions telephone biz based on real customer interactions.

Facebook Conversion Events(Source: Facebook Event Manager )

These events work in conjunction with the Facebook conversion tracking pixel. If you don’t set this up, you won’t be able to run conversion and sales campaigns.

Setting up conversion events allows Facebook to track conversions and various customer behaviors to optimize your campaigns based on your campaign goals.

Facebook Conversion API

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Facebook Conversion API(Source: Facebook Event Manager )

The Facebook Conversion API is the social media giant’s tool that helps marketers Phone Number MY accurately measure the performance of their ads in iOS 14.5 and beyond.

Apple’s new tracking policy requires users to explicitly consent to sharing their data with advertisers to receive personalized ads. Most iPhone users are reluctant to share this data.

Additionally, desktop ad blocker usage has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

These two factors have created challenges for marketers because they prevent Facebook’s pixel from tracking user behavior across website platforms and transmitting this data to Facebook, thereby bypassing relevant ad targeting.

However, the Conversions API solves this problem by providing an additional bridge directly from your website server to the Facebook Ads Manager platform.

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