With the help of digital marketing

With the help of digital marketing

 The change in the market environment caus by digitalization is also a key research priority of the marketing science institute.  field of marketing. Digital technology belongs to the market environment. It has develop rapidly over the last 20 years and there is no end in sight to the growth. New digital services that gain users quickly are constantly being creat. A recent example of this is tiktok. A global service focus on short videos. Which has cross the two billion download mark in its short history. Research and companies for closer cooperation rapid development is an obvious challenge for academic research.

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Check out the open university’s email list digital marketing course remember the free digital marketing in practice course! of digital digitality changes and has already chang the thinking and implementation of marketing. Digital marketing and traditional marketing cannot be separat. Almost all marketing activities that companies do today are digital in some way or at least contain digital elements. Digitalization also has an impact on the kind of customer relationships companies currently operate in. The change particularly affects the analysis of the market environment. The company’s value creation process and marketing productivity (kannan and li 2017).

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Search engine optimization and keyword Phone Number My advertising. Online advertising. Email marketing. Mobile marketing. Content marketing and social mia are typical digital marketing platforms and tools. Even the smallest companies and non-profit organizations. Such as sports clubs. Often use almost all of the digital marketing methods mention above. The phenomenon is present almost everywhere. In this light. It is very worrying to notice how little effort has been put into digital marketing in the field of business schools so far. For example in the field of teaching and research. More research information in this area is ne.

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