Professional blog help us when looking for work

Professional blog help us when looking for work

Offline world. Currently, the Internet has almost completely displaced any of the other more traditional methods. Well at least when it comes to finding a new job offer or getting that first interview that opens the doors to a selection process for a future job position. In this post you will find Could a professional blog and a well-kept image on the Internet help me in a job interview? Benefits that we will obtain from a blog and that could help us when looking for work So I’m wondering: is it important to build and maintain a good.

Well-kept image

Online reputation when email leads looking for a job? Today. The vast majority of human resources managers in many companies. When beginning a selection process to fill new vacancies. Therefore,  scan the Internet in search of information about potential applicants. This type of tracking of our digital footprint has given rise to other aspects of our lives being also exposed or taking on greater importance when looking for work. That is to say. Therefore, previously it was important to be well dressed and behave correctly in a job interview.

Looking for work

Now we should also add a good Phone Number My presence and digital reputation that supports us professionally. Furthermore: if we talk about the new online professions such as Community manager. Therefore, copywriter , content generator, SEO, web designer… the issue of having a good presence (or not) on the Internet is even much more important than in others. So, could having a professional blog help us when looking for work? Personally. Therefore, I think the answer is “yes”… but I should emphasize that as long as we make an effort to do a good job and generate relatively quality content on said professional blog .

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